MNitra Tutorial - OPCoinX ($OPCX) Masternode Setup Guide from Start to Finish

MNitra Tutorial - OPCoinX ($OPCX) Masternode Setup Guide from Start to Finish Public


9 months
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Another MNitra tutorial showing you how to set up a OPCoinX Coin Masternode from start to finish, all with minimal input and fuss. Compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux.

Learn how to set up a Masternode on a DigitalOcean VPS. Using our automated deploy script, you'll have a secure, fully configured Masternode ready to start in just a few minutes, all with no linux knowledge required. Click, deploy and reap your rewards!


🕑 Timestamps:
[Part 1]
00:00 - Prepare the Cold Wallet (Collateral and Masternode private key)
[Part 2]
01:49 - Deploy a VPS at DigitalOcean ( using the configuration script.
[Part 3]
03:32 - Add deployed Masternode Server to Cold Wallet
[Part 4]
06:02 - How to interact with your Masternode (remote control console & logs) and start it from the cold wallet.


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MNitra Configuration Script:


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