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Our one of a kind media platform allows users to connect to several popular media sites, easily manage posts, and friend otherInsert your hint hereK2X users .
This is V 1.0 of K2X media and we will be implementing updates as our road map progresses.
The overall goal of providing a friendly fun content promoting environment for all social media users.
Quickly access and post your latest media to all the best social media sites with our Platform!
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Unlimited possibilities

At K2X media the future of media content creation and site management come together in a simple to use and rewarding platform! Within reach user backed media promotions, and media management. Community powered contests,Prizes and games. But most importantly Massive media promotion and advertisement opportunity outside of what is controlled by the centralized systems on popular media platforms. Our all in one V 1.0 platform already lets users seamlessly manage all their popular social media sites and post from one simple to use clean UI! Aimed at innovation K2X media will be making upgrades to the platform and supporting technology as we move forward.

Easy of use

Our design is simple and user friendly, it provides a clean UI that anyone will enjoy. For more advanced users you can download our -qt software, setup master nodes and enjoy the full benefits of the K2X block chain network! The driving force behind our network is a block chain that is ultra fast and has variable reward periods. You can rest assured and have no worries as we have partnered with other peer to peer platforms to help you enjoy K2X to the fullest! Simply sign up on one of the exchange platforms and generate a K2X address to get started! Or download one of our system specific -Qt software, here!

Empowering the Block Chain media revolution!

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